The Importance of Prayer & Fasting – A Mighty Weapon Against The Enemy

Dr. Gacengeci

Dr. Gacengeci

As a pastor and member of the BOT I am delighted that God has laid it on the leadership of KCFA to call for corporate prayer and fasting as we look forward to the upcoming annual conference.

Prayer and fasting, enabled by the Spirit, is mighty weapon against the enemy of our souls and it is therefore, no wonder that Jesus fasted and taught us how to do so. Fasting enables us to humble ourselves before God with repentance, as we express our total dependence upon His power to intervene and break down the strongholds of the enemy.

It offers us a chance to put aside the distractions of food and other comforts, so that we can focus only on Him. In brokenness and surrender we encounter Him in new ways as we seek new insights into His word, His grace, His provision and His commission.

One of the best articles I have ever read on how to fast and pray, safely and effectively, with great spiritual benefit is from Bill Bright. The author Bill Bright is the founding President of Campus Crusade International.

May God visit you and bless you mightily as you fast and intercede for the conference, for our families and our needy world.

Pastor David Gacengeci,
Senior Pastor,
Cornerstone Renewal Church International,
Raleigh, NC