Reflections of KCFA Founders

Dr. Joe Karogi & Dr. Mary Chege-Karogi

How KCFA Started

Early 1991, the lord laid a burden in our hearts on the need for a Kenyan Community in diaspora especially in USA. There were not many Kenyans in the USA by then. And coming from our homeland where we had fellowships and Community activities, Kenya Christian Fellowship in America came into being. By then, we resided in Birmingham; Alabama. Our first-born son Kevin was less than one year old. No doubt the need was very necessary and our community ready. The idea was well received and KCFA in a few years, became a nonprofit Christian organization run by an elected board.

The first conference was held during the weekend of November 29 – December 1, 1991, in Chula Vista Conference Center, Birmingham, Alabama.  From a humble beginning where twenty-two adults and ten children attended the first annual conference in 1991, the name Kenya Christian Fellowship in America (KCFA) was adopted, and I (Dr. Joe Karogi) become the first KCFA President.

As founders we thank God every day for men and women who have graciously bought into the vision and ran with it.  They have provided continuity and created a strong platform for this great ministry-KCFA which has been used to meet the needs of our community and friends in a holistic way in the 21st Century.

As a family, Dr. Mary my wife, and our four Children (Karogi, Mwaniki, Kate and Jenifer) we appreciate the support that has been given to us as we minister in KCFA. Our hearts are grateful to God and full of joy to see the growth that has taken place since 1991. As we celebrate 30 years of Ministry in KCFA, we give God all the Glory.

Dr. Joe Karogi & Dr. Mary Chege-Karogi

KCFA Founders