Role of BOT – Purpose & Vision of the Board of Trustees

Dr. Joe Njoroge

KCFA Board of Trustees, as one of the three legs of KCFA on which the entire Leadership is built on, including NEB, & Local Chapters, plays a vital role in contributing to KCFA stability and growth. There are several factors that has contributed to KCFA’s continued growth, relevance, and the ability to provide effective ministry in the Diaspora. I believe that KCFA stability and effectiveness emanates from several strengths: To start with, a valuable source of our strength stems from the nature of KCFA leadership, and how it has come to be constituted since its inception.

KCFA is run and led by a 16-member national executive board that is elected independently by members for 4-year terms that are staggered so that there is an election every two years; and by an appointed 20-member Board of Trustees that functions as a pastoral and an advisory council to the fellowship.

The actual formal function of the Board of Trustees (BOT) is to provide timely advice and pastoral care to the National Executive Board and to the Local Chapters Leadership, and to help resolve conflicts at the national and local levels. The Board of Trustees vision is to work in tandem with KCFA president, NEB, & local chapters to continually renew, and revitalize the strategic vision of KCFA. Moreover, when requested by the National Board, the BOT has always been willing and available to develop plans, to brainstorm, to help NEB leaders to think out of the box; to ensure future adaptability, increased effectiveness, and greater relevance of KCFA as an outreach ministry, and as an organization – in a rapidly changing environment and landscape here in North America.

KCFA primary goal and mission is to preach the gospel, get people saved, foster spiritual growth, and to help build individual’s relationship with Christ. Members of BOT have especially, made quite a significant contribution in helping KCFA reach this overall mission of the fellowship.

In addition to preaching in KCFA events, members of BOT have served the Lord effectively through the many ministries of KCFA, in variegated committees, leading in funds drive, giving financial support to KCFA, and have always accepted various responsibilities to assist KCFA as an organization achieve its goals.

Board of Trustees helps KCFA play a great role in touching the Diaspora for Christ because the types of ministries that KCFA provides are unique, complementary to local Kenyan churches, and continue to be needed. This is a public ministry that belongs to all Kenyans. It is not a personal ministry belonging to one person, but a fellowship that is open to all believers from various ethnic and denominational backgrounds. We praise God that we are in America by God’s plan and divine appointment. So, let us continue to serve Him with gusto and great commitment.

By Dr. Joe Njoroge
Chairman, KCFA Board of Trustees.