Role of National Executive Board (NEB)

The National Executive Board (NEB) is the body that governs the affairs of KCFA. It is composed of the various departmental heads and their deputies, namely: the President’s office, the General Secretary’s office, the General Treasurer’s office, the Department of Men, the Department of Women, the Department of Couples, A promise Generation, the Department of Youth and the Department of Children. Each department, except for the office of the President, General Secretary and General Treasurer, has a director and a deputy director. The President is deputized by the 1st and 2nd Vice-Presidents, while the General Secretary and the General Treasurer head their departments respectively.

Members of KCFA elect the departmental heads and their deputies into office every four years. The purpose of these departments is to address the spiritual and social needs of its members more effectively.

The NEB holds its virtual meetings on the last Tuesday of every month and four face-to-face to face meetings each year, which also includes the annual national conference. Apart from the annual national conference venue, venues for the face-to-face meetings get determined by chapters willing and able to host the NEB following mutual consultations.

If you wish to engage with KCFA more directly, simply locate on this website the department you believe applies to you for more information. You can then be connected with the relevant ministry KCFA makes available to you. Also, you are encouraged to get in touch with the KCFA local chapter nearest to you for a more immediate engagement with the organization.

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