Pic 4  Brethren, the state of our Men’s Ministry is strong! We have just returned from a wonderful retreat at The Hilton Hotel in Washington DC on the weekend of February 7 – 9, 2014 where God used the couple, Apostle Darius and his wife Prophetess Mwaka Twagirayesu, to minister mightily to men who came from all over this nation for their love of Christ and this ministry.


We came from the conference blessed and encouraged, but already looking forward to our 12th Annual Retreat to be held on February 6 – 8, 2015. Please watch this page for details concerning the retreat will be appearing here soon and very soon.

People of God, our prayer is that as this website continues to evolve, it will bring tremendous blessings and joy to many Kenyans living in America, to people of all nationalities who love Christ and Christian fellowship, and to the men of KCFA without whom this ministry would not exist.

My personal prayer, brethren, is an echo of a prayer uttered so many years ago by the founder and the first director of Starehe Boys’ Center and School, in Nairobi, Kenya the late Dr. Geoffrey W. Griffin:

“Show us, oh God, your grace and your mercy, that our hearts may be stirred to worship, and our lives may know your peace.”

Humbly in His Service,

Njoroge Muchiri, Director of Men’s Ministry

Njoroge Muchiri,
Director of Men’s Ministry

Njoroge Muchiri, M.Ed, LBS
Director of Men’s Ministry
Phone: 1 (267) 934 3361


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  1. Mary Chege Karogi
    Mary Chege Karogi says:

    KCFA Minitry, we are blessed to have praying men leading us.
    Brother Muchiri, we appreciate the good work you are doing with our men. Women and Children are blessed when you continue doing what you are doing. I Personally appreciate what God is doing in and through our men in KCFA.

  2. Njoroge Muchiri
    Njoroge Muchiri says:

    Thank you so much, my sisters, for taking your time to leave a comment. The Lord has been gracious to KCFA. I thank Him for the men who have not neglected the gathering together of brethren . How we pray that many more will hind the call of God!


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