An Impossible Challenge

A pastor gave his congregation a challenge that seemed almost impossible to achieve. He challenged them to go for 21 days without complaining (the amount of time that some say it takes to develop a new habit). This was a great challenge as most people found they complained about every single thing from the weather to financial status.

The biblical principle ‘Do all things without complaining or disputing’ is an important one. We can therefore learn to develop a non-complaining positive attitude by disciplining our thoughts, confessing our critical spirit and by letting God help us and accepting correction from those around us.

A complaining Christian is a contradiction in terms because when we keep complaining we display our lack of faith in God. Today let’s ask the Lord to help us stop complaining especially when things do not go our way; rather to have a thankful heart for all that He has done in our lives.

“Do everything without complaining or arguing.”
Philippians 2:14


An Impossible Challenge?

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