Christmas Message – Dr. Joseph Okello


His palace was a stable. His throne was a manger. His motorcade was a mule. His birthplace was borrowed. His address was unknown. His glory was hidden—a king without a crown, a ruler without a scepter, a monarch without a robe, a master without a bodyguard.

He came silently, but heaven roared with angelic jubilation. He came humbly, but Herod reacted with unexpected intimidation. He came unnoticed, but shepherds quaked with delightful celebration. He came unrecognized, but wise men tracked him with deliberate determination.

Kings rarely come to peasants, but he did—he was one of them. Rulers rarely privilege the shepherds, but he did—he was the good shepherd. Masters rarely respect their servants, but he did—he was the suffering servant. Royalties rarely recognize carpenters, but he did—they birthed him.

He was born in order to die. He died in order to save. He died so you might live.
He came as a baby, but he will return as a king. He came in humility, but he will return in glory. He came in submission, but he will return in authority. He came in weakness, but he will return in power.

When he came, few saw him. When he comes, all will see him. When he came, shepherds bowed down to him. When he comes all will bow down to him. When he came, the enemy tried to destroy him. When he comes, he will destroy the enemy.

When he came, it became the first Christmas. When he comes, it will be a second Christmas. It will be the greatest Christmas story ever told, the best Christmas gift ever given, and the final Christmas event ever seen. I pray you will be there to receive the gift—Christ Jesus our Lord.

Dr. Joseph B. Onyango Okello

National President, KCFA

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