KCFA 5th West Coast Women Conference, August 8-10, 2014

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"Arise and Shine for thy light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you." (Isaiah 60:1)

Our Vision

The vision of Kenya Christian Fellowship in America is to proclaim Christ as Lord and Savior to all people of the world and in particular to the people of Kenyan descent through...

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Message from President

Dear brothers and sisters, Thank you for visiting our website. Kenya Christian Fellowship in America is a public Christian organization run by...

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24th Annual National Conference

We are excited for this opportunity of bringing our people from far and wide to hear God's word, worship and fellowship together. Plan to be there!

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Testimony: Help from KCFA member

Hi everybody. When my family and I first arrived in America 7 years ago, guess who was the first person to help us was a KCFA member through the brethren in Raleigh NC. As you all may be familiar with when you first arrive here you are totally confused. It was in December and very cold so we are trying to connect from the Port of Entry in Logon to Raleigh and in the process the plane left us. This was a very bad experience with the whole family, so we started calling for help from Raleigh where our daughter and the brethren were waiting for us. Anyway by the grace of God they connected us with one member of the KCFA there and who drove for 1 hour or more to come and pick us. It is later when I started realizing how far that brother came from to come and pick us. This brother and his wife allowed us to sleep in their house in our first night in America. Since then I have been a supporter of this ministry in prayers and in any way i can with my family. Today I am one of the Leaders in my Chapter and I thank God for this far he has brought us. I can tell a lot of the goodness of the Lord and I want to serve him and worship him all the days of my life. By Margaret Muraguri